Post Graduate Certification

Florida Sex Therapy Institute

Post Graduate Certification

Florida Regulation Use of the Title “Sex Therapist” Section 64B4-7.004 (November 1999)

The Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute is approved by the Florida 490 Board of Psychology for use of the Title, “Sex Therapist” and for 150 continuing credit hours: Board of Health Rule: 64B19-13.003, Sub-section#1, Paragraph I. (Provider # 50-756, Expiration 3/2007)

(I)  Use of the Title Sex Therapist. Any licensed clinical social worker, marriage & family therapist, or mental health counselor who holds himself out as a sex therapist shall have completed:

(a)   a minimum of 150 hours of approved education which meets the
        continuing education requirements or Rule Chapter 64B-
19-13.003, Florida
        Administration Code, from twelve (12) of the following areas:

(1)  Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
(2)  Developmental Sexuality
(3)  Gender-identity Issues
(4)  Socio-cultural Factors in Sexual Values & Behavior
(5)  Medical Factors Related to Sexuality & Sexual Functioning
(6)  Interaction Between Sexuality & Dynamics of Interpersonal & Family
(7)  Sexual Offender Treatment
(8)  Legal, Ethical & Forensic Issues in Sex Therapy
(9)  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
(10) Risk Assessment with Sexual Offenders
(11) Psychopharmacological  Therapy with Sexual Dysfunctions, Disorders
        and Deviancy
(12) Research on Sexual Dysfunctions, Disorders & Deviancy
(13) Sexual Abuse Treatment
(14) Victimology / Victim therapy
(15) Group Therapy in Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions, Disorders &
        Deviancy  and

(b)   as of January 1, 1997, in addition to the minimum hours in (2) (a) of
         this rule, the following shall apply:

         (1) a minimum of 40 client contact hours in the clinical practice of
               sex therapy during a minimum period of time of six (6) months.
         (2) a minimum of TWENTY (20) HOURS of supervision, where
               each supervisory session is no more than one and one-half (1 1/2)
               hours in length, by a qualified supervisor as set forth in rule
               64B4-7.004 during a minimum period of six (6) months.
         (3) Ten (10) hours of supervision must be individual.

This Institute has been approved for Continuing Education Credit under the Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, provider # 50-756, Expiration 3/2007

Individual and Group Supervision as set forth in Rule 64B.7.004 is included in the 2004-5 course, in accordance with the requirements of twenty (20) hours of supervision. This is conducted by Susan Lee, a Board Approved Sex Therapy Supervisor

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