Hi, I am Ron H. Males, NASM certified sports performance enhancement specialist. I started out doing diet and supplement research at MIT, which included examining different nutritional bars and shakes that were mainly marketed to male athletes. At the time I thought, ‘Oh I don’t need those things,’ But as I ramped up my own training as an athlete, and as a coach, I found there was no easy way for me to get the correct nutrition pre- and postworkout, especially in the right order and right amounts, and I wasn’t able to perform and recover at my best.

During my training, I also learned the significance of Brain Hacks and that sports psychology can also help you lead a better fulfilling life.

My experience has taken me to a level where I can now truly appreciate and apply “sports psychology” to various aspects of life like love, sex, career, male enhancement and so on. Stay tuned for some of the most unorthodox tips you wouldn’t have heard before and be prepared to be amazed at how “sports psychology” can make you a better lover and a “bigger’ man in a lot of ways.

– Ron H. Males



Ron Males
3054 Gordon Street
Ontario, CA 91761

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